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Howdy, my name is Brian Murphy with Murphy Consulting.

We own a marketing company that services dozens of marketing agencies just like yours. We are an exclusively White-label, 50 person team based in Arkansas, USA and in the Philippine Islands. Our business model is building strategic partnerships between agencies and our production team of web and digital marketing specialists. You are our business model!

Here is a link to my portfolio website:

We love working with agencies like yours because you know best how to service your clients locally. We like working with agencies with a strong skillset in brand development, marketing, and design. To support you, we become your “backend” resource pool with extremely affordable rates and near infinite scalability. Now you can grow and scale without the headaches of training, managing, and overhead. You can hire us on a project basis or for an hourly basis/overflow work.
If any of this seems like it could help you like it has for the dozens of other agencies just like yours reach out to me.

Best Regards,
Brian Murphy
Contact me for a free quote or estimate (479) 250-0933.

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