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I am a hobby front-end developer who has create the 30 page website listed here:

The website is like GoFundMe but for non-profits. I have the HTML (BEM)/CSS/jQuery code for the entire  ready to go. The CMS as it demonstrated on the current site isn\\’t a part of my code and will need to be setup as it was created in Webflow. I need to build the backend for this website to save user data, push notifications, and complete transactions, etc. User accounts receive an activation code to control Admin accounts (for their non-profit) where they post items to be funded.

There is room for improvement to some of the jQuery code, specifically the file uploader code so some of the jQuery may need to be upgraded.

I invite you to click through the website to get a feel for how it works. I hope the UI and UX is easy to understand.

Please let me know how much it will cost me to connect the front-end to a scalable backend. This has been a hobby project I have been working on for a number of years and hoping to finally get it up and running.

I have the code for 30 pages, 7 of which are CMS pages and will provide the email template inline HTML code.

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