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Hope this mail finds you well.
We came across your company through a clutch platform and could not resist to approach you after reviewing your profile and website, your development portfolio seems interesting and caught our attention.

Introducing myself as the Sales representative at Sunflowee Biztech with a team size of 30+ highly skilled and experienced developers. We work with Startups, small businesses and clients from varied industries like e-commerce,retail, SaaS, PaaS, healthcare and edtech across the globe.We are having our operational offices in India,Australia,United States & United Kingdom.
As we are in the same market industry and offer similar services, I felt it reasonable to extend salutations and recommend discussing how we can work together to serve our customer base profoundly.
We would be delighted to understand about your development offerings and expertise domain in development and thereby we inform you about our services which include App Development ,Software Development, Web Development and Marketing.Our rates are cost-efficient & suitable for B2B development projects. We assure to provide quality development work with the affordability of our partners.
Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss our ideas and any questions you may have regarding this request.
We may connect over a short 10-minute call to discuss the same. If you’re not the right person to discuss the above, is there any chance you could guide me to the right official?

Let us grow together by being strategic and mutually beneficial.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

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