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Hey Guys

I hope you are all doing well amongst all the craziness and all settled in well at home.

I hope too that the impacts of everything COVID haven’t been too crazy on client work, budgets and the people around the agency. Strange & uncertain times but we’re in this together! To some extent, business must go on.

I’m writing to introduce myself and Vsourz, the company that I work for. We offer “On Demand Digital Talent” solutions (, perfect for ambitious agencies looking to scale up their digital services, retain margin and deliver a breadth of technology solutions for their clients.

Given the accelerated uptake of “digital everything”, in lockdown and despite the current challenges, now might well be a time to look at how to help more clients deliver digital for less cost?

I’d be very happy to chat with you or the right person at your company and tell you more.

And/or if whoever receives this can pass this note to the right person, I’d be very grateful.

Stay well and healthy

Kind regards,
Vicky | Customer Success Manager
Phone: +1 416 619 5343

Toronto | London | Barcelona | Dubai

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