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Do a few things,
really really well.

The best work always comes from collaborating. Which is why we’re all about collaboration. We’re also all about keeping our service offering tight enough to stay competitive, and loose enough to adapt to whatever comes our way. Ready?

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    From brand and digital to acquisition and retention, we help you discover insights that create a new engagement path for your customer to inspire, engage and convert for the long-term.

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    Your brand’s expression on any screen has to create a feeling and a response. Our creative expertise is driven to help you win not just with great looking work, but great working work.

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    Our user experience philosophy is simple - make it easy, then make it easier. Driven by frustration with current journeys and designs, we help make yours unique, yet centered around evolving human interaction behaviour.

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    Social Media.

    A lot has changed since 2006, and so have we. Built for the present and future states of social, we help you plan, develop, and optimize your social platforms to help convert fans and followers into customers.

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    Technical Development.

    Core to Majestic since we opened our doors, our front and back end developers have an adaptive mindset to almost any tech, past, present or future. Most of our development team have been with us since day one, which is why our stack is deep and our development efficiency is legendary.

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    No tool is as good as the people behind it. We’ve been ahead of the analytics game since it started trending. While we work with any of your platforms to help optimize performance, we’ve also built our own platform to help understand the past, inform the present and guide the future.

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    No one told us to build loyalty and CRM experience when we started, but we built it anyway. Based on trusted client relationships, we’ve managed to build some of the most robust CRM platforms for some of the most prominent brands.

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    Site Management and Maintenance.

    No site comes with a guarantee, but we’ve gotten pretty close. We obsessively manage the 100+ platforms we launch and ensure they are technically on-point and stay as future-proof as possible.

  9. 09

    Marketing Innovation.

    Voice, VR, AR, machine learning. These are innovations we’re talking about today, but what’s next? We have a team with insatiable drive that is always tinkering with human behaviour, tech advancements, and just imagining “what if?”. Let us bring that thinking to your brand.

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